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Dominika Cibulkova Tennis Academy Claim

Love 4 Tennis

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Dominika Cibulkova Love4Tennis Academy (L4T) is one of the best tennis academies in Central Europe. Since 2006 it´s raising professional tennis players with positions in the world rankings. It was founded in 2006 by professional coach Erik Csarnakovics.

    „When I decided to set up Love4Tennis Academy I asked myself the question: What does professional player needs, how can he step further, improve faster? In my mind, I went back in time, to the times when I tried tennis as a profession. I was looking for the details in the training process that was not there for me back then.”
                                            Erik Csarnakovics  founder and head coach

   Our programs

Our tennis academy provides training programs for all tennis player levels and age categories. Players can work under professional conditions enabling them to focus solely on their performance.

       Professional players

  • annual program
  • professional tennis summer camp
  • scholarship program
  • tennis programs with Dominika Cibulkova
  • train as a pro – 2 days for free

In L4T Academy trains more than 60 year-round professional players from 15 countries of the world in all age categories.

Currently, we have 3 players of top 100 ATP and WTA that are being prepared under the Professional program.

L4T Academy provides comprehensive services around players (balls, sparring, fitness training, regeneration, tutoring, housing, education …).


  • Summer tennis camp courses are designed for children 3-10 years. Tennis courses are conducted regularly 1-2 times a week.
  • Courses for kids are intended for children 5-12 years. Daily tennis camps take place during the summer months.

      Recreational players

  • coaching lessons;
  • fitness training for adults;
  • family training;
  • book tennis courts.


  • education for academy players;

  • free time activities for players;

  • assistance services for players;

  • additional services for players:

    – nutrition specialist;
    – mental training;
    – regeneration;

  • other services:

    – accommodation;
    –  nutrition;
    –  transportation.

     Our team

  1. Erik Csarnakovics – founder and head coach of Love4Tennis Academy
  2. Karolína Hromkovičová – manager
  3. Ján Stančík –  responsible for men players
  4. Juraj Masár –  responsible for men players
  5. Peter Jurík – responsible for women
  6. Alexander Somogy – responsible for women
  7. Miloslav Mecir with Brano Sekac for junior players
  8. Miroslav Polák with Michal Fašung is in charge of children
  9. Pavel Šmela – fitness training
  10. Róbert Caro – massage
  11. Ivana Hatalová -physiotherapist
  12. Emilio Pacini -stretching
  13. Jakub Steinhauser -yoga
  14. Adriana Kaplánová mental training.

 How we work in our tennis academy

Our goal is to provide an individual approach to every player, regardless of age and level.
By using a customized program step by step starting from the simplest things to the most difficult.

    1. We start with reviewing the aims and select the optimal program. The result is a unique profile of each player.
    2.  A player is assigned to the coach who will take care of his progress.
    3.  Followed by an overall analysis of the player. Within it assesses the player’s level of tennis, physical fitness, and mental resilience.
    4.  Accordingly, the player is provided an annual training and tournament schedule.
    5.  The ratio of the individual components of the training process during season changes and according to the objectives of the various training stages – from the preparation through pre-competitive, competitive to relax.
    6.  After each stage, there is the evaluation and subsequently, improvements are designed.
    7. For our players, we have developed a unique application that allows two-way communication between the trainer – and the player


„How to achieve potential best tennis in any match against any opponent?“

Love4Tennis Academy created a professional environment, where a player does not have to worry about anything else than his best performance. Academy teaches its players to understand their own game and the basics of professional tennis.

L4T unique method is based on
  1. individual approach to each player
  2. shaping and understanding players own game
  3. a comprehensive service around player – tennis, fitness, mental preparation, regeneration, education
  4. program supplements – accommodation, nutritional counseling, college placement service perfectionism in organizing the training process.

  10 reasons to join Love4Tennis Academy

1. professional players;
2  professional conditions;
3. experienced team;
4. great location for professional tennis;
5. individual approach;
6. custom made training program;
7. education while playing pro-tennis;
8. focus on regeneration and mental training;
9. unbeatable price-quality;
10. two days try-out.


There are eight tennis courts: * six clay courts; * two hard courts (hard surface identical to the U.S. Open); * In winter season all are covered; - training accessories; - parking lot.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
8:00 am - 10:00 pm 8:00 am - 10:00 pm 8:00 am - 10:00 pm 8:00 am - 10:00 pm 8:00 am - 10:00 pm Must book ahead Must book ahead
  • Person Jan Stancik
  • Address Turbínova 1, 83104 Bratislava, Slovak Republic


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