User Registration

Registration on our website is free of charge and is the first step a user has to make in order to be allowed to create and publish listings. Occasionally, on registration, each new user receives free of charge a trial package named Demo.
This package is valid for 6 months, includes full features panel and allows the user to create and publish 2 listings.
After this package expires, each listing will be deactivated and moved to draft section.
Please inform us any time you face problems using our website or during registration and payment steps. You may contact us by any means specified here or by our Facebook account.

Premium Packages

Our premium packages include the same features as the trial package we offer at registration but with extended validity and with a different number of listings allowed. 
Miggfit Catalog allows you to use features as description field without text limit, photo gallery without limit, map location, full contact details, links to most of your social media accounts, branding option (you may insert your logo and slogan), reviews, events calendar, blog section with space for 2 blogs for each listing you make, FAQs section, 1 Youtube/Vimeo video link with visualisation inside your listing. visitors counter, contact form connected to your email address, weekly opening hours.
After creation, your listing will look almost like a basic personal website.
Each user may insert different addresses and contact information for each listing and also different addresses and contact information on his profile.
Ex. The user is located in New York and he publishes for advertising 2 listings for 2 gyms, one located in London and another one in Los Angeles.

User’s menu

On the user’s menu you may view your orders, transactions, favorite listings, watchdogs, create and edit your listings, edit personal profile and billing information, change the password.


We offer you email support 24/7  and phone support during our local opening hours. You may create your own listings or you may request us by email to help you and create them for you based on the information and materials you provide.