www.Miggfit.com can be used for advertising by all categories  of providers for services in the sport business.
We have set up several categories to asign your listings:
– coaches;
– events;
– financial consultants;
– legal consultants;
– marketing;
– management;
– sport clubs;
– spa&welness;
– sport medicine;
– sport organisations;
– nutrition;
– security;
– psychology;

The first step in using our platform is User Registration.
After registration each user must purchase one of the packages that  allows them to publish  one or more listings.
On registration every new user receives free of charge a trial package named Rookie. This package is valid for 1 week and allows to publish up to 5 listings using the full range of features.
When this  package  expires, user’s listings will be deactivated. Next, to republish old listings or to create new ones, users have to purchase one of the premium packages :
– Bronze;
– Shining Gold.

Below is  a  tutorial video regarding the registration process, listings creation, and payment for premium packages.



Bellow we have prepared a brief review for User’s listing facilities.